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Maria Hipwell is a force of nature. Extravagant, elegant and prone to wearing unusual headgear, the self-styled queen of pub design has always collected art.    Between 2005 and 2010 she resided in a Chelsea Inn and spent any and all spare funds on acquiring an eclectic collection of modern British pieces.   With a great insight into what would be collectible, desirable and even valuable, many of these are now household names.  


Irreverent, witty, humorous and sometimes downright risqué they are a reflection of Maria herself.   From the cheeky to the bleedin” obvious, she has always Worked Hard and Been Nice to People, even when she’s Bored.   Making Art rather than War, whether Puppy or not, Love is indeed a Strange Thing.   There is indeed Romance in the Age of Uncertainty, Much More Love, Love and Hate.   We need less Power and more Equality.   Oh and Liberty too.   Dog save the Queen and Smile. This is Not for Sale, actually it is.  


“Why Maria darling, you’re a genius!”